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Reference Sheets

This page contains important resources you may need for your journey.


Reading for the journey

What are systems and

systems thinking?

Resilience Star game 

Resilience across the fundamental principles 

Organizational development, a resilient National Society 

Auxiliary role and advocacy 

Ref.Sh - Sg 0

Secondary literature and data

Sustainability in resilience building

Criteria for selection of the community resilience team

Agreements between the National Society and the community

Why connecting is a key Red Cross Red Crescent service

Record of connections with external stakeholders

Ref.Sh - Sg 1

Risk and integrated risk management

Assessment purpose and perspectives

Assessment scheduling

Selecting EVCA tools and assessment methods

EVCA tools to map geographic exposure and vulnerability

Prioritization and ranking

EVCA tools for social cohesion, inclusion and connectedness

EVCA tools to explore vulnerability and capacity 

EVCA summative analysis using rating

Knowledge management 

RCRC community assessment approaches 

Indicator catalogue and ‘SPICED’ indicators

EVCA tools to explore hazards/threats


Resilience Star

Community‑guided indicators

Triangulation and analysis

Data reduction (to produce concluding statements)

Ref.Sh - Sg 2
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Nature-based solutions

Participatory resource planning 

Contingency planning


Adaptive management

Ref.Sh - Sg 3
Ref.Sh - Sg 4

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