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Stage 1

 Reference Sheet J 

Agreements between the National Society and the community

It is important for the National Society and the community to reach an agreement on responsibilities. Below are some suggestions.


The National Society (and/or its resilience team) is responsible for: 

  • Providing information to the community about its mandate, activities and funding sources.

  • Enabling the community’s leaders to understand resilience concepts and use tools and approaches, accompanying them through their learning process.

  • Introducing the community’s leaders to external stakeholders, including government, in support of strengthening the community’s resilience.

  • Supporting the community to establish a community resilience team that will participate in all meetings.

  • Maintaining regular and honest communication with the community’s leaders and wider membership.

  • Ensuring the process is inclusive through an effective participation mechanism.

The community resilience team is responsible for: 

  • Participating in the planning and implementation of R2R via EVCA, encouraging all households to participate, and ensuring that all groups, especially the most vulnerable, are proactively informed and welcomed into the initiative.

  • Participating in all resilience‑building  processes and producing the planned products.

  • Producing and implementing a risk‑informed community action plan, agreed to by all its members.

  • Monitoring the implementation of risk‑informed community action plans.

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